Services for Hikers

  Internet, Laundry, Shower, Mail Drops, Massage, Yoga, Honor Fridge, Hiker Box, and a Broke Hiker Jar.. 
"Hit & Miss" were some of the first southbounders we saw during our 2010 thru hiking season.
Satellite Internet
(Sorry, we don't have WiFi during our busy hiker season .. We have limited band width due to the off grid Satellite System because we live in the woods)

      First half hour Free, $1 per extra half hour - honor system


Old Fashion Hand Wash/Air Dry - free
     Machine Wash & Dry - $5 

 An outdoor furnace heats the shower to piping hot temperatures.
         Free with stay or $3 - Soap and Towels Provided.

     $5 - Soap, Shampoo, and Towel

Massage Therapy
Ask about our special Hiker rates for massage.

Yoga & Meditation

FREE to all Hikers & Guests. Yoga classes will be at 9:30 AM this
northbound season 2014. Meditation by request: Neville meditates daily.. but does not provide instruction. If you would like to join her.. just ask.


What is the BROKE HIKER JAR? It's BETTER than a tip jar. Yes, we will still accept tips.. but money that goes into this jar will be available to hikers who are on a tight budget.. and would like to have an experience at Wood's Hole. By contributing to this jar, hikers experiences are enhanced at Wood's Hole.. . and it's a great way to provide Trail Magic at Wood's Hole.

Honor Fridge: 
Cokes, Crackers, and Snacks are available in the Bunkhouse on the HONOR SYSTEM. 

Hiker Box
Like most hostels, we also have a hiker box. For those that are not familiar, a hiker box is where hikers trade goods. One hiker's junk, is another hikers treasure. Here you will find spare batteries, extra food, gear, and more.

Library and Book Exchange:
We do have a shelf for exchanging/taking books. We are also happy to share our eclectic resource of books.. asking that you return them to their home after enjoying, absorbing, and reading new found knowledge.

We also have a guitar for borrowing.. We keep this guitar inside. Hikers are welcomed and encouraged to borrow.. so that we too can benefit from a listening perspective.

Work Trades:
On occasion, we do offer Work Trades. We do our best to resource help with our many projects. However, we make no commitments prior to your stay with us. Please inquire upon arrival.. and if we do not have work trade.. ask about the Broke Hiker Jar.. we certainly do not want money to be your reason for not experiencing Woods Hole!

To see some of the GREAT photos Hikers have taken in the past.. check out our FACEBOOK PAGE 
Currently, you can friend or like us on Facbook.. 

    Please mail your package to:
Woods Hole Hostel
Attn: Your Name/AT HIKER, Est. arrival date
3696 Sugar Run Rd
Pearisburg, VA 24134

*If you do not plan staying with us, we cannot promise that you will receive your package right away. Our mail box is 1.5 miles down the road. If you need us to check on your package right away, we ask for $5 for our gas and time (thanks). 

            This is the view from our neighbors field, only a few hundred yards away.

Woods Hole Hostel
3696 Sugar Run Rd
Pearisburg, Va 24134
540 921 3444
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