Retreat Packages
Enjoy Massage, Relaxation, Yoga, & Meditation on the Mountain.
Wood's Holistic Retreat Package for Two.
 (Two Nights with Couples Massage, Hiking, Yoga, and Communal Meals for $385.)

             Day 1   PM    Upon arrival take an afternoon hike, yoga, and take 
                                  part in a Communal Dinner
             Day 2  AM    Coffee/Tea, Communal Breakfast, & Morning hike.
                        Afternoon  Sauna, 90 min Couples Massage/Facial & Relaxation
                        Early Evening   Yoga
                        PM     Communal Dinner & Relaxation
              Day 3 AM     Coffee/Tea on the Porch and Communal Breakfast
                       AM     Yoga and or Hike
                       11AM  Check out.. you are welcome to take a day hike and enjoy
                            the grounds.

*Additional days and services may be added to these packages.
* Please note that our meals are communal experiences. We request your help in the preparation and clean up of meals.

Wood's Hole's Authentic Experiences

(Three Nights for two with Couples Massage, Local Adventure, Yoga, and Communal Meals..  for $460.  Tangent Outfitters & Dinner with Palisades not included)

              Day 1  PM  Upon Arrival take an Evening Hike and/or Yoga, and
                               Communal Dinner
              Day 2 AM   Coffee/Tea & Communal Breakfast
                        AM   Adventure with Tangent Outfitters, Canoing, Fishing,
                                Biking or Day Hike 8-10 Miles into Pearisurg.
                        PM     Dinner at the Palisades Restaurant. 35 min drive from
                                  Wood's Hole.
                                  (Communal Dinner at the hostel is available by request)
              Day 3 AM   Coffee/Tea, Communal Breakfast
                        AM   Yoga, Morning hike, or Relaxing on the Porch.
                        Afternoon  Sauna or Whirlpool Bath with Salts and
                                         90 Minute Couples Massage/Facial.
                        Early Evening  Yoga
                        PM    Communal Dinner and Relaxation
              Day 4 Am    Coffee/Tea, Communal Breakfast
                        AM   Yoga and/or Morning hike
                        11 AM Check out.. you are welcome to take a day hike and enjoy
                                  the grounds        

Spa Day for 4 or more.............
       Enjoy a Day Away with a Massage in the Mountains with a group of friends. While getting a massage friends, will enjoy the relaxing view on the front porch or go for a hike along the Appalachian Trail. Bring your own goodies to nibble on throughout the day. We will provide complimentary tea & fruit.

      $50 per person for 1 Hour Massage
      $80 per person for 1 & 1/2 Hour Massage w/ facial massage or reflexology

Woods Hole Hostel
3696 Sugar Run Rd
Pearisburg, VA 24134
540 921 3444


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