The Renovation, 2007-2008
(Thanks to Mary Jo Osteen, Peter Ozolins, Mike Hedlesky & Crew)
Photos Below.....
Who: Mary Jo Osteen, Tillie Wood's daughter and the visionary
          Ben Wood, the son and the other visionary
          Neville & Michael, landscaping and artistic touches
          Peter Ozolins,  Architect
          Mike Hedlesky, Master Carpenter
          The Crew (Lin, Jose, Domingo, Wally, Adrian, Celedino, Pablo, Antonio,
           and many others...), The true blood, sweat & tears

Why: Tillie Wood was getting older and needed a downstairs bedroom. The
         vision began as a small idea and blossomed.

A restoration was completed allowing the cabin to last another
           century. Not only was a new bedroom added downstairs, two more                    bedrooms were added above, and a loft was created in the original
           cabin. Plaster walls were removed  from the main cabin to expose the            chestnut logs. Wood from an old milk barn, built in the 1850's, was
           used to frame the addition. The log cabin kitchen was given         
           handcrafted cabinets reclaimed from an old bowling alley along with a              gas stove and stainless refrigerator. A crawl space was dug under the            cabin keeping the building from sinking into the ground and providing a              solid foundation. The renovation allows comfortable year round living .

Where: Wood's Hole Hostel

Tillie Wood wanted to place the 100 acres that surrounds Woods Hole under a conservation easement to protect the land after she died. Upon doing this the state gave her a check for the easement on the land. She and her daughter, Mary Jo, decided to put the money back into the land by restoring the cabin.

           The Living Room
The Kitchen

                               The Middle Room 

          The New Room

         The Loft

Woods Hole Hostel
3696 Sugar Run Road
Pearisburg, VA 24134
(540) 921 3444
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